Indian Army short on ammunition

Amazing, if accurate:

[…] in the event of war, it may run out of stocks in two days.

So… what’s going on here? This doesn’t sound like a good thing, however much we lament the fact that we spend too much money on wars. We should at least keep up minimal stocks, right?

From a defence forum:

On the use of ammunition, there is the Service Ammunition, Training or Practice Ammunition and the War Wastage Reserve (WWR).

The scales for the first two categories are laid down. WWR is measured in days based on the contact rates evolved statistically on past experiences of Wars.

The manner in which ammunition is used is that as the self life nears expiry, service ammunition (that is used during war) is downgraded and transferred into the Practice or Training category and the Service ammunition is replenished with stocks from either the WWR or the factory, depending upon the policy and likewise wherever there is a shortfall because of lateral shift, it is replenished.

Certain categories of ammunition, especially the imported variety, owing to lack of import, can run low, because of bureaucratic lethargy in sanction for import or for a variety of other reasons, be they financial or political!

So is it a question of how much ammunition to produce, only for it to rot on shelves (literally) until they’re thrown away? Do we have the capacity to ramp up production at short notice, if a war was to break out? It appears that even though we produce much of our ammunition, we don’t produce all of it. So there certainly exists the question of what and when to import.

If it wasn’t something to be worried about, though, would the Army Chief write to the Defense Minister about it?

The thing is, whenever something like this comes to the fore, we look through glasses unmistakebly tinted by a spate of recent scandals.

(Can you believe that there exists a Wikipedia page dealing only with scandals in India? I’ve linked to it above.)

Please, let this be an innocent occurence, and not another corruption scandal.

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