Election fun begins

Talk about honesty.

Assuming that his party will win enough seats to make a difference in the Lok Sabha, Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has pledged his allegiance. To the highest bidder.

Give special economic packages to his state, he says, and he will lend his support to whoever does so.

This is refreshing only in the sense that he is being honest about his motives for extending political support, instead of the usual roundabout way of ‘thinking about the country’ and ‘wanting India to develop and be a world power’.

This kind of thinking is all it takes anyway.

4 thoughts on “Election fun begins

  1. Yes, Nitish Kumar’s statement is the closest it gets to being honest. He stopped short of saying the truth, which is, ‘I will go to the highest bidder. Please don’t hesitate to bid for me just because I was with the NDA’.

    He is almost honest. Unlike the pink marxist who talk about ideologies which they respect more in violation than in execution.

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  3. @ Saptarshi: but that’s exactly what he said:

    “[Nitish Kumar] declared that he would support any government at the Centre that accorded special category status to Bihar.”

    Can you get any more explicit?

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