Typical West Bengal

There is a law in West Bengal whereby it is illegal to use loudspeakers in public places during school board exams. (It is another matter that the law only protects students of the State Education Board, not those of other Central Education Boards whose national exams fall on different dates.) In risk of digressing slightly from the topic, the other funny thing about this situation is that local political parties, to gain ‘support’ from local people, set up booths during this exam time at busy intersections, and try keeping the traffic running smoothly for the benefit of the examinees – by blaring their instructions over a loudspeaker.

Anyway. The law exists. And here’s what the Chief Minister does, flanked by his Information and Cultural Affairs Ministry, and his own police department – whose job (I think) is to protect the law of the land – in blatant violation of the loudspeaker law.

Typical West Bengal, no?

P.S.: It’s election time, and being the eternal optimist that I am, I am hoping once again for sanity in West Bengal. Does anyone have news? I haven’t got any yet.

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