Of the (incredible) Microsoft, again…

I had last talked about Microsoft (well, specifically, Windows) here.

Well, I happened to log into my infrequently used Hotmail email account (only to keep the email id alive – a decent sounding email id is too precious to give up, even if it is Hotmail!). There were, of course, a handful of emails – some spam, and some from Hotmail or one of it’s sub programs.

One such email had me stumped:

Hotmail finds itself suspicious!

Hotmail finds itself suspicious!

The email is from the “Windows Live Team”, has a ‘microsoft.windowslive.com’ email id, is completely genuine is content, and yet is marked Unsafe by Hotmail!!

Even more surprising, other instances of email from this same email id have been passed through!

Oh Microsoft!!

Well, MS, do you realize that this is exactly the same problem with your UAC in Windows Vista?

(Well, I guess it’s no use arguing. MS will wait for the launch of Snow Leopard, and then rush to copy its features too, with botched attempts at security once again. Tch-tch.)

One thought on “Of the (incredible) Microsoft, again…

  1. What is sadder and more ruthless is how Microsoft killed Hotmail after buying it. It was one of the most promising dotcom projects back then.

    Or may be it’s reading too much into it. May be the Man is plain stupid đŸ˜‰ May be there _is_ no real conspiracy.

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