After years of being in the dilemna, and numerous ‘Let’s do it… on second thoughts, let’s not, at least, not right now’ moments, I have at last installed Linux on my Laptop computer. The version is Open SuSe 10.3, and even though I had some problems getting the installation disks set up (there’s either some problem with my DVD burner, or with the DVDs themselves: all the DVD that I burned had some form of corruption. Finally I had to use a Live CD to boot up, and then load the kernel from there. Then, of course, the OS could download everything directly from the internet), I’m finally up and running.

And Linux rocks.

I wonder, even though essentially I know, why people use Windows at all. Every few minutes you have an error message, any and every program takes ages to load, and really, you never know how your computer is going to behave. Linux, on the other hand, has been marvelous. Of course, I am yet to explore all of its options and features, and it takes time to get to know Linux, given that it does not believe so much in automating everything like Windows does (it’s better to not be automated and effective, than be automated but mess up every step of the way), but I am fascinated by what I have seen so far. There is an open source application for almost everything I need to do everyday, and I don’t even have to search frantically for it. I can simply ask the OS to look for the module, and it will, automatically, look for it in the various repositories, and more often than not find what I am looking for.

The only thing that is seriously keeping Linux back is the absence of the variety of software that is available on the Windows platform. Yes, there are alternatives, and more often than not they are very, very good alternatives, but they still have some way to go to reach the level of windows.

But, all said and done, Linux, with all its limitations, is way better than Windows.

Just ask someone who has to wait 5 minutes for a RAW image file to load in Windows, and then finds the same image loading in seconds on Linux.

One thought on “Linux!

  1. The reason why few people use Linux is that…u won’t find a single house without windows & hardly any house keeping a penguin as a pet! šŸ˜› Jani eta durdanto PJ holo!!! 8) :p

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