It has already been more than a year since I started blogging. It started as nothing more than something that I wanted to try my hand at, something that I had heard of for some time, and wanted to get a taste of, first hand. One year on, this is as much a part of my normal life as is any other activity. I never knew I’d enjoy writing, I never knew whether I would find topics to write about, I never knew if I’d like reading what I myself had previously written. One year on, I think I have found another part of me that I did not know existed.

This is as much for me to read in future, as for you, who is not sure whether to try something new out: If you don’t try, you won’t find out, will you? One year back, I discovered blogging, and have hopefully gotten better at it with time. Tomorrow I might discover something else, something that I don’t know today that I might be competent at.

Even if I try something new and fail at it, at least I’ll know a little bit more of my boundaries. Even that is important to know, right?

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