Mr. Jaswant Singh, expelled.

This is what I had written a while back, when commenting on the latest Indian election:

I am in general wary of politicians, but I think Dr. Singh has been one of the few politicians of the recent past who I have respect for: Mr. Atal B. Vajpayee as PM, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam as President, Mr. Jaswant Singh as Foreign Minister under Mr. Vajpayee, and Mr. Pranab Mukherjee as Foreign Minister in this administration.

It’s true. I don’t follow Indian politics any more as closely as I would like to, but that respect from a decade back towards Mr Singh remains. He was one the few foreign ministers that India has had who could put across his point forcefully, with candor, and with wit; someone who has a calmness about him even in tense situations, and who I think has a balanced sense of judgement.

And now he has been expelled from his party. I don’t think I’m amused.

While on the topic, watch this interview that he gives to NDTV. Watch, and you’ll know why I have a certain respect for this man.

(Thanks Kriti for the youtube link.)

One thought on “Mr. Jaswant Singh, expelled.

  1. I was wondering when sending you the Youtube link whether you would probably already be holding Jaswant Singh in high esteem… Well, now I know 🙂

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