Hating Scott Adams

One of the blogs I read is The Evolving Scientist, and a recent post takes issue with the latest Dilbert comic. Scott Adams (Dilbert author) is anti-science, the post goes.

There is also this bit:

Scott Adams, creator and current author of the cartoon Dilbert, is a dick. He pretends to be his own fan online and is a horrible boss on par with that which he depicts in his comic. Not to mention, last year he distorted behavior ecology in animals to justify sexual abuse towards women.

While you’re entitled to your opinions about the meaning and interpretations of the comic that you find offense with, let me venture some conjectures—you tell me how much I got right.

How am I doing with the conjecture bit?

I’ve enjoyed reading The Evolving Scientist for a while now—but today you lost a little bit of my respect. As I said, you’re free to put forward your interpretations of the comic, but you should be a little bit more thorough before you declare to “hate” someone.

By the way, this was my takeaway from the NY Times article:

On the other hand, employees also say he knows his limitations and combines deep trust in them with an instinctive ability to motivate people. They understand that to survive in this age of dominant restaurant chains, they must embrace some of his more unusual ideas and obsessions — but more on those later.

No one is more critical of his management skills than the humorist himself. “I’m quite sure I’ve succumbed to the pigeon theory of management,” he said. “Flying in every so often and dumping on everything.”

Oh, and I tried searching for the other reasons that you hate Scott Adams, but my searches with both “Scott Adams” and “Dilbert” returned empty results on your blog. Would you fix the search option, please?

"No Results"

"No Results"

An irreconciliable difference

Reason vs. Belief

Reason vs. Belief

Yes, true.

(Well, then perhaps religion should not try to make an intrusion into reason, just as reason is unable to make intrusions into beliefs. This is important in many most of today’s most fought after bones of contention, no?)

(Link via Pharyngula.)