This post I found today. Of course, I could not have been pleased. Yes, I know, it talks about one department more than others, but JU is what it talks about, right?

Coming from a former JU-ite, I want to give this opinion some weight. Perhaps we, the most recent of JU alumni, and the ‘present lot’, should take note?

Of Jadavpur University

Well, JU is my alma mater, a prestigious institution that I am very proud of being an alumnus of.

But this is just inviting criticism. We have had problems with the JU administration before, and this only adds to all the criticism already present.

Jadavpur is prestigious because of its education, but that prestige is dependent on being backed up by a solid administrative system, with minimal bureaucracy. Unfortunately, the influence of politics has been increasing steadily over the past few years, and more and more the people ‘in charge’ are fumbling for words to explain their actions. With regard to the above news item, I am certain that close scrutiny (I am not sure it even needs to be a scrutiny) will reveal very plainly whether he had any political ‘qualifications’ for the job.

Why doesn’t anyone realise that bureaucracy and politics take away from the prestige of Jadavpur, and they are doing more disservice to the system than they are doing a favor to their political backers?

Please, let JU be.

End of a chapter… contd.

It’s one thing to feel for the university as a whole, to miss the ambience, and the fun times…

It’s quite another to say good bye to friends. As we all go our own ways, we have to say good bye, to four years of friendship, four years of growing up to be men after starting out as boys, four years of a many a good times…

Today someone that I call a very good friend leaves for his next chapter: that of IIM Lucknow. A great feat, a great achievement. Jebu, we’ll miss you.

Yes, I agree, Jebu is not the first from our section to leave Kolkata, but certainly he is the first really good friend to separate…

We should all be happy: this is one of many success stories in our batch…

Yet, why does it hurt?

End of a chapter

For four years now, I have been proudly calling myself a student of JU, Jadavpur University. For four years, my identity has been “Arnab Gupta, ME Dept, JU”. Well, that chapter of my life has all but come to an end.

This week, we appeared for our final Grand Vivas, to mark the completion of our Engineering Degree Course. The official marksheets, and Degree Certificates are some months away, but for all practical puposes, we are done with JU.

It’s a mixed feeling, that… One the one hand there is the inevitable relief, the thrill of being able to write ‘B.E.’ after my name. That is all that these four years were about, and yes, we have all made it…

But on the other, there is this great sorrow, an empty feeling, to just think that we will no longer be at JU. The JU campus almost becomes a second home for its members, and it is like leaving home… We are elated with our accomplishments, we are looking behind with pride and forward with hope and determination, but in the middle lies the present, full of nostalgia and feeling and those wonderful moments that we have been through together…

Thank you JU, for giving us all that you have; thank you, for making me what I am today.