Amazon and its vague ebook policies

Came across this account of a Kindle user’s ebook library being wiped, and Amazon account cancelled by Amazon. Worse, she wasn’t explained why this happened, and what she could do to remedy the situation.

Did she violate any terms? Amazon will not tell. Perhaps by accident? Amazon does not care. The conclusion so far is clear: Amazon closed her account, wiped her Kindle and refuses to tell her why. End of discussion.

That’s not very reassuring from a fellow Kindle user and someone who often buys ebooks from Amazon. Indeed, over the past few years I’ve mostly read ebooks, and almost no paper books at all.

Respond better, please, Amazon? I’ll be reminded of this every time I think of hitting ‘Buy’, and perhaps use Apple’s iBooks more often instead. (I don’t know that Apple’s terms are better, but they certainly can’t be worse!)

Also, as Marco comments, does the lady get all her money back that she spent in buying her books?

[via Marco Arment and John Gruber]

2 thoughts on “Amazon and its vague ebook policies

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