Of human space exploration

If there was one quality to define our species, what would it be? Intelligence? Social structure? Sense of exploration?

I’d say–curiosity.

It’s innate for us humans to be curious–curious about our surroundings, curious about our future and our past, curious about whether we can make our lives better, and curious about what lies beyond the farthest we’ve gone.

It’s our curiosity that pushes us to invent, to innovate, to solve–and yes, to explore. It’s our curiosity that makes us who we are; for better and for worse, our curiosity has dictated where we’ve come, and will dictate where we go.

We’ve explored most of the land masses of the Earth; in comparison, we’ve only explored bits of the depths of the ocean, and of space. Our next frontiers lie deeper down below, and further up there.

Let’s not stop being curious, as a species. On a day that our first moon-farer died, let’s keep his–and our–spirit alive.

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