Good news: One year without Polio. But what about the bad news?

Surely, if you follow Indian news, you’ve seen this—maybe even at more than one place:

[…] this Friday will mark a full year since the last case of wild poliovirus was detected in India. This is a huge milestone in the history of global health.

Yes, I agree—excellent news! There is much to rejoice over. India has taken painstaking efforts for a few years now at combating polio, and it is an achievement to have at least some control over it.

But while you saw the above news in big lettering, did you see this one?

Over the past 48 hours, news has broken in India of the existence of at least 12 patients infected with tuberculosis that has become resistant to all the drugs used against the disease. Physicians in Mumbai are calling the strain TDR, for Totally Drug-Resistant. In other words, it is untreatable as far as they know.

Not very good news at all, is it? Quite a terrible piece of news, actually—and something that needs to be brought swiftly under control.

Both the above pieces of news were published on the same day—9th Jan—but while the polio achievement was all over the social networks, the TB setback was nowhere to be found even among the uber-connected amongst us.

While it’s great that we’re making progress in strides, let’s not forget, and let’s not brush under the carpet, that we still have places to go.

One thought on “Good news: One year without Polio. But what about the bad news?

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