A life lost. :(

First this:

In a shocking incident in Uttar Pradesh’s Fatehpur district, a 24-year-old woman is battling for her life after she threatened to expose those who kidnapped and raped her.

The victim, from the Shivpuri village of the district, had gone to a local market on Saturday when four men first waylaid and then gangraped her. After she threatened to go to the police, they poured kerosene on her and set her ablaze on Sunday.

This is what I wrote about it then:

Alas, this is what I found today:

The 20-year-old girl from Fatehpur in UP who was gangraped and set on fire on Sunday died in hospital on Wednesday evening. She had suffered about 95 per cent burns and had been in coma ever since.

A life lost. A life lost to violence, violence of an unthinkable degree.

The only positive (if that is possible), even though it’s not clear how many of the accused were arrested:

Three out of 4 suspects have been arrested. The Kanpur police claimed they had arrested one of the four accused in the crime.

But the most amazing sentence, I think, is this one:

The victim from Shivpuri village was allegedly picked up by four men from the local market and allegedly raped.

Is she also allegedly dead?! It’s one thing to protect the rights of the accused, but isn’t it fetching it a bit too far to be talking about the assault itself in this fashion??

Rest in Peace, Madam. Pray the local authorities have enough bones in their spine to see the case through—by putting the culprits behind bars for a long long time.

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