The latest in Pakistan’s military security

This is what I had written previously about Pakistan’s internal military security. The gist being: the only way Pakistan could have been unaware of Osama Bin Laden’s presence in their country (that too in a posh, visible area of their military training city) is if their military intelligence was actually pretty bad.

Well, we all know that this has happened since then: terrorists attacked and made significant progress at the Naval Station Mehran, in Karachi. This was a terrible incident, but the most serious question is: how did the terrorists make such progress against a professional military installation, which should presumably have been on guard against—terrorist attacks?!

And now the latest:

The Pakistan Navy has moved its main battleships out of the Mehran naval base in Karachi to the Makran coast in Balochistan.

[…] The warships were sent away from their main base in Karachi to Ormara in Balochistan as a “precautionary measure”.

So, Pakistan’s military establishment is still not convinced of the security arrangements at their own naval base? Is that not—discouraging, to say the least?

Most troubling, I think, is this quote from a retired official:

Retired Vice-Admiral Javed Iqbal said there is another important benefit of the move: “Unlike many navy bases in Karachi, such as Mehran, that are in the centre of residential areas, Ormara is a far off base,” he said.

Proximity to “residential areas” would matter only if they’re afraid of more attacks, and are concerned about collateral damage, no? Hence—move things away from residential areas, so that civilians are not caught in the crossfire.

Does any of this inspire confidence at all in Pakistan’s security and intelligence establishment?

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