Sonia Gandhi undergoes surgery… in USA?

So Sonia Gandhi is apparently ill. So ill, in fact, that she has had to undergo surgery. Well, good luck to the lady in regaining her health soon. Certainly matters of health are serious issues, and hopefully everyone’s support is with her.

Two comments, though, about the whole episode.

One, Sonia Gandhi had to travel to the USA to seek treatment? Does that mean—-there are no competent medical facilities in India that could care for her well enough? We all know that the rich and the affluent in India prefer the USA as a medical treatment destination. But the same choice from the leader of the majority political party currently in power—-making her arguably the most powerful person in India—-should give rise to questions, no? What has the government been doing about medical facilities in the country? Sonia Gandhi can afford to fly off to the US; what about those who can’t?

(And all of this, of course, in an age when India is gaining popularity as a destination for medical treatment)

Unless, of course, her illness is of the kind that simply cannot be treated in India, because, say, the medical knowhow does not exist. (We know, and of course recognize, that the USA is ahead in terms of medical research.) Which brings me to my second comment.

Two: what exactly is the nature of Mrs. Gandhi’s illness? Why is it a matter of secrecy to let the nation know—-the very nation that she, through her party, is responsible for—-what she is suffering from? Certainly she’s not expected to be superhuman and resist all maladies. Why then the secrecy, the mystery, the hush-hush?

Any answers, Mrs Gandhi—-or rather, your representatives? (Interesting to note that Rahul Gandhi, Sonia’s son, is ascending to the ‘throne’, so to speak. What, exactly, is Rahul’s candidacy, other than bearing the Gandhi name? On second thoughts, what were Sonia’s qualifications when she took the reins? Oh well.)

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