West Bengal to be renamed!

So a resolution has been passed to change the name of my home state West Bengal. A new name has not yet been decided upon. The reason for the change? Sample this:

“… in meetings of representatives from various states, our turn comes at the end since the name starts with the letter ‘W’. In fact, people doze off when we rise to speak. Our CM does not want this situation to go on”

Seriously? This is a matter of prime importance for the new Chief Minister, who has inherited the reins of a state in not the best health?

Moreover, why this penchant to change names? Names have some history, a heritage, attached to them. Calcutta was a fine name; West Bengal is good too.

(By the way, the name West Bengal comes from the fact that there was, before, a unified Bengal—which the British then broke into East and West Bengal. East Bengal is now Bangladesh.)

Why does Mamata Banerjee want the world to forget how our state came to be? Leave the name alone, dear madame! You have matters of much higher importance on your plate.

Also, the matter of “people dozing off” will solve itself when West Bengal begins to contribute in matters of national import. Do good work, and people will take notice. Changing the name will only incur the state the cost of changing every signboard and the address of every official letterhead—and people will still doze off just the same.

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