Crowdfunding the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence

You’ve heard of SETI, right? (If you haven’t, look it up.) In short: SETI runs a telescope array, looking for any signals from space that can be attributed to intelligent life forms, as opposed to natural sources. It’s a great scientific undertaking. Unfortunately, it turns out SETI is in a cash crunch, and has suspended operations.

This is terrible. SETI pursues a human dream, that we’re probably not alone in the universe, and it’s unfortunate that there aren’t enough funds for its operation. That being said, it is understandable that different funding agencies may be forced to withdraw funding, to support more urgent causes.

Yes, we as a race have enough problems to deal with and solve here on Earth to gaze at the sky waiting for a signal that we don’t know exists. But: our problems should not, must not, stop us from dreaming – we’re where we are, for better or for worse, because we dream.

Fortunately, we can all do something about it. Do you have $10 (or more) to spare? You can donate at – they’re trying to collect $200,000 to get the Allen Telescope Array back online.

Go on: donate to make life better here on Earth, but contribute to keep our dreams alive too.

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