Bill Gates and philanthropy

Found this excellent interview of the man himself. It’s incredible how much he’s done – and is doing – from his position of privilege.

Go read!

Also amazing – but in a very different way – is the content in the comments section. I’ve taken a screenshot, here it is:

Comments section on the interview page

Some of the comments:

The funniest thing is, no the saddest thing is, people actually believe this. People don’t have a clue what this man is really about!!! – Richard, Oxford.

its not proper charity…..proper charity is done in secret……telling about how he told his son to pay this and that begging not proper charity…but the sheep will not understand this…a dollar given from a poor man is far more charitable than a billion dollars given from someone with a hundred billion….again this will be lost on the sheep. – DefJam, London.

And we wonder what is wrong with this world. Sigh.

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