Of dumb thieves, and the CBI most wanted list fiasco

Here’s a recent post from Girish Sahane, talking about how our thieves can sometimes be dumber than our incompetent law enforcement agencies.

Well, two points. First – the story in his case involves West Bengal cops actually apprehending the stolen car:

[The thieves] were stopped in West Bengal by cops who felt they didn’t appear to have the means to be driving an SUV

So in this case the cops weren’t dumb at all, even though the thieves were.

Second: he extrapolates the hypothesis to the recent CBI fiasco where a couple of “Most Wanted” criminals, suspected of being sheltered by Pakistan, were found to be in plain sight in Mumbai and already in jail.

No doubt more of the missing terrorists will soon be found in plain sight.

Well, our thieves may be dumb, but what about their thieves – and worse?

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