Of ‘distributed’ sharing

How the world has changed. I’ve been a blogger for a while – sometimes linking to others’ posts, often adding my own comments and thoughts, and sometimes writing my own posts.

It’s changed over the past couple of years – and I haven’t had a single blog post in the entire preceding 12 months. I’ve mused about this before, but it’s even more than that, I think.

Before, finding an interesting link meant sharing it on the blog – and perhaps adding a comment, or a paragraph. Now, a blog post that I read on Google Reader is “shared” via Reader’s sharing feature; links obtained elsewhere are promptly posted on Facebook, or on Twitter.

There are too many ways to share my thoughts (or links – posting on Facebook has made it increasingly rare for me to add a paragraph to a link). And the result is that none of those ways provide a single coherent channel.

It’s true – I’ve become increasingly busy, and have devoted time elsewhere; hence the lack of blog posts. But it’s also a huge matter of ‘distributed’ sharing, and that needs to change.

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