Why NOT the iPad

I spent the last post on why the iPad makes sense, and why it might come in handy. This post is about why I would NOT buy one.

1. I don’t have enough spare cash to have a laptop, an iPod Touch, AND an iPad. If I had to choose between the iPod Touch and the iPad, I’d choose the former, simply because it ticks a lot of the same boxes, along with an additional one – it fits in my pocket. The boxes that the iPod doesn’t tick, I can live with, especially since it leaves my pocket considerably heavier.

2. One reason I might have been interested in a tablet computer would be hand written note taking, but the iPad doesn’t have the capability. One whole dimension of why electronic devices are useful is that you can carry around the same amount of information, without adding volume or weight.

As the iPad ushers in a new generation of tablet computers, I would have liked for it to be writing capable. I should be able to carry it to my graduate courses, and research meetings, and seminars, and anywhere else I would usually carry a notebook, and scribble down notes right on the tablet!

3. I’d wait for the internet industry to sort out the Flash / HTML 5.0 war. Apple does not support Flash, calling it buggy; the rest of the internet has simply not yet graduated to HTML 5.0. As it stands, a significant chunk of my online experience is cut short if I use the iPad. Not done.

4. This new generation of tablet computers is probably a year or two from really maturing – just such as the iPod is now mature and supports diverse applications and addresses various needs, that no one knew existed when it first came out.

Also, Apple being Apple, I have a feeling the iPad 2.0 will be far richer in its feature sets and capabilities than its present avatar – again, just like the iPod Touch 2nd generation, as compared to its 1st generation.

Bottom line: The iPad might be an interesting device, but as of now, I’m giving it a miss.

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