The iPod Touch

I treated myself to an iPod Touch recently. And it’s a great device. For the most part. (Well, having the iPod, I can now extrapolate to why the iPad might be a very interesting device – but more on that later.)

But the point of this post is not to laud Apple, and sing songs of its glory, but to point at some chinks in the iPod instead. So, here we go:

1. Why can I not create playlists on the iPod? If everything can be synced between the iPod and my computer, so can playlists! It’s really no big deal, is it?

2. Why can there not be a song queue? Again, the iPod has enough memory to keep a simple list of songs to play. Should be a no brainer – but apparently not.

3. Why can I not play all the songs returned by a search criterion? For example, I have songs sung by “Sonu Nigam”, as well as, say “Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal”. These two entries are shown as two separate artists (understandably). Now if I want to play all Sonu Nigam songs, I should be able to just search for Sonu Nigam, and play every song in the search result. But no, I cannot do this.

4. How hard is it to put arrow keys on the virtual keyboard? You know, you mistype, you realize the typo at the end of the sentence… and you don’t have an arrow key to move the cursor back. It’s almost impossible to get the cursor to a point in the middle of a text field – the usual AI response is to take the cursor either to the beginning or to the end of the text field. Do Apple engineers never make typos that they discover four words later?

These peeves seem to me to be very minor issues that should be really simple to implement / get bugs out of… and yet, here’s Apple, with it’s reputation for things that “just work”, not doing the implementation.

Can’t you do better, Mr Steve Jobs?

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