Photo-journalism fraud

I was digging through some of my old unpublished posts, and I came across this link. This is compelling – and shocking – viewing. The video shows how some war photographers alter their scenes to make their images more dramatic, or to make them more spectacular (by showing more damage). And this – from Reuters, from AP!

I don’t agree with the idea that the whole reason of this fraud is to make Israel look worse than it is – I’d say it’s just professional dishonesty, with no intention of taking sides. If these guys were in Israel, they’d still be doing the same thing – this time, showing the Hezbollah in poorer light than they deserve.

Whatever be the motive though, this is despicable, and a disgrace to Photography, and especially to photo-journalism. Is this the effect of news 24×7 and competing agencies vying for consumer attention?

What would James Nachtwey say?

3 thoughts on “Photo-journalism fraud

  1. Shocking, yes.. not very surprising though. Doesn’t the media always resort to ‘sensationalizing’? Be it in newspaper headlines or photos. Sad how much the world politics depends on gimmicking tricks from the media business.

  2. On this topic, this is what my friend Salman Usmani – himself a photo journalist – had to say (via Facebook):

    “Bhaisahab, this video is as fraud as the photos. Not sure about Reuters, but AP and AFP are strict with stuff like this. There are friends who ‘enhance’ the photos, (lights, colours and so on) but a guy shooting for AP will know how to use the clone stamp correctly, and not make patches of smoke.
    Plus the narrative in the video says it all. Propaganda works on both sides.”

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