Of Microblogging

That’s the latest term doing the rounds, isn’t it? Micro-blogging. It’s the idea that was essentially popularized by Twitter, that you can describe what you want to talk about in a minimum number of words (140 characters in case of Twitter), but of course the idea is also used by other social communication systems such as Facebook.

I’ve very intentionally stayed away from Twitter, and hence, apparently, from Microblogging, but of late I’ve really begun to notice why it is that it is getting to be so popular.

One reason why the number of posts on this blog has really gone down is the past couple of months is that I’ve been really busy with other things – you know, the mundane day-to-day stuff. But that’s not the only reason. The other reason is Facebook, which has it’s own version of micro-blogging, where you can write a sentence or a few, attach a weblink, and voila – it’s there for the world (well, your Facebook world) to see.

And it’s a much less time-intensive process to just give out the punchline and a weblink on Facebook, than it is to write out a coherent post on this blog. Sure, it’s less satisfying than to write out a post, but hey, with all the time crunch, who’s complaining?

There are two sides to the coin, of course, as with everything else. You get to write about what you’re thinking or want to share – just as in a blog – and yet you don’t need to spend as much time composing, editing and polishing as on a blog. On the other hand, it’s just not the same as writing out a blog post.

I don’t think I like micro-blogging. It takes away from the joy of writing, leaving only the bare essentials behind. And yet I don’t think I’ll manage to stay away from micro-bloggin either.

Sigh. My next Facebook status message: “Facebook status messages: the latest avatar of micro-blogging, and the newest face of blogging itself”. Succinct enough?

2 thoughts on “Of Microblogging

  1. The trade-off point… in taking too long to write, blogs force you to think about what you are writing. Facebook/twitter almost seem like writing what you think, the minute you think it.

    Hmm.. that does make some sense right :P?

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