The Egypt Diaries

Well, if you’ve noticed, the start to the ‘series’ of posts had an abrupt stop about three weeks ago. Well, we went traveling to Egypt, but what I had not taken into account was that I wouldn’t have regular internet connections while I was traveling, and neither would I always have the time to write up my accounts for the day.

Well, what you don’t take into account, always happens. There wasn’t adequate internet connections, and often we were staying at a place for too short a time to warrant purchasing the expensive internet access rights at the hotel. What I then planned was to write-up my posts, and then blog them later when I was back with regular internet access. Well, that didn’t happen very regularly either, because often we were left with too little time to sleep, recharge our physical batteries, and also upload all the photos and prepare for the next day’s outing, to actually sit down and write some blog posts.

Well, now I’m back to the US, and what I’ll do is post whatever I did manage to churn out while I was on tour, and well as try and spend some time writing up some of the interesting things that I remember from the trip.

Coming up: the Egypt Diaries.

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