Opulence is the word.

Dubai International Airport has a new terminal, and has, I believe, dedicated it completely to Emirates – its home airline. It’s my first time here, and what hits you right at first is the dazzle from all he lighting effects. Lights everywhere. Small, large, patterns, fixed, morphing – what not. Dazzling.

But I liked the old terminal better. This has the opulence, but does that necessarily translate to elegance? The new terminal is bright and shiny, and maybe just a tad too loud on the eyes. The rest of course is classical Dubai, even though I think the whole terminal is not yet fully operational.

Plus, I liked the old restrooms better. 😀 These new ones have narrower cubicles, and metal has been replaced by wood and a less elegant finish.

Anyhow, after spending a couple of hours at Dubai, and taking an hour long flight – after three flights in total and more than 24 hours – here I am, at Doha! One week is to be spent here, before I move to the next item on the itinerary.

The fun begins. Ciao for now!

Update: And I almost forgot. The water in the water fountain? It was warm. Heh.

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