Journey Begins…

And so I’m off. I leave today for a month of vacation and travel, and will be back in the beginning of August.

I’m at Roanoke airport right now, where I take the first of my three flights to reach my first destination – Doha. Roanoke airport is one of best airports that I’ve been to – not because it’s huge, or it has every major amenity (well, it does have free Wi-Fi which I’m using right now) – but because ROA is more akin to  a bus station than an airport!

You arrive at the airport, check your bags in, get your boarding pass, take the flight of stairs and wait for security checking. All in less than 5 mins. The security check itself takes around the same time. Report to the check in counters 2 hours before your flight? Pfft… not at ROA, you don’t. You arrive whenever you want to, as long as it’s before the flight’s due to take off… and you’re fine.

So anyway, here I am. Hopefully this will be a series of posts, and hopefully they’ll be worth reading, both now, and later when the details will start slipping through my memory.

Ciao, for now!

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