I don’t like JFK International Airport. I know, I’ve only been here a couple of hours, but I don’t like what I both see and don’t see. Of the few I’ve seen, my favorite terminal is the one at Dubai, and JFK has not changed that.

I am currently at Terminal 4, where Emirates have their operations. My flight is 9 hours away (and I’ve been here two hours already) and so… let’s just say I have time to kill.

Well, things I don’t like about JFK Terminal 4:

1. When you enter the terminal, you’re greeted by the check in centers of all the airlines that operate out of this terminal, and almost nothing else – including seating areas. The idea being that the passenger will come in, do away with his checking in, and then proceed further. But nothing on that check-in level??

2. After the hypothetical passenger checks in, he can go down a level to the duty free level and the shops and the food joints, to wait his turn at the boarding gate. Well, since that’s the idea, all the escalators point down from the check in level; not one goes up. Well, what does the guy who has to wait 11 hrs for a flight do? He can’t wait at the check in level: as I said, there isn’t much there. So he comes down the escalator to the shops and the food. Well, how then does he go back up? Well, he just walks up, carrying all his baggage with him.

3. There isn’t a comfortable lounge area where you can simply laze out and maybe catch a nap or two. Nope. Not a chance. The seats are like the ones you get at shopping malls. A tree in the middle, and a round cemented area surrounding it. The idea seems to be that there will never be a passenger with a long layover who may need to sleep once in a while!!

4. Internet access is not free. Grrrrr. Learn something from good old Roanoke Regional Airport, people!! 🙂

Seriously, I am disappointed.


I started this post at 2pm, and am finishing and posting it now at 7.40pm. Time here almost spent! I just wish I could have slept a bit.

I realized that there are in fact elevators. So my trip back up to the check-in level wasn’t so bad. 🙂 But they should have had escalators, no?

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