Beautiful Blacksburg

It’s been sunny lately. Sunny, cool, and breezy. (Of course, at other times it’s been rainy, damp and chilly, but I am not talking of those days.) To make the most of this gorgeous weather, we’ve been keeping our windows mostly open, and our ACs turned off. We’ve been saving electricity, yes, but in addition we’ve found a very pleasant surprise – at least, I have.

After so long of keeping our windows closed and only occasionally stepping out to the deck (veranda in Indian terminology), it’s a pleasant feeling to listen to the birds chirping! All kinds of birds, from all around the area. I know nothing about birds, so I have no idea what species they are, and neither have I seen – to be honest, I haven’t made much of an effort either – the birds themselves, but their sounds do carry, and it’s beautiful!

Of course, it helps that it’s spring – the middle of winter would hardly have brought out such a myriad of sounds and chirps.

Thinking about the old Hutch ad jingle in India – ‘Green grass, blue skies – it’s a beautiful world’! Nature – especially in Blacksburg – very beautiful indeed.

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