She is ill. It’s nothing serious, ‘only’ fever and the inevitable accompanying headache, but after a certain age even the more simpler things can make you weak, and completely bedridden.

“I’m too old”, she tells me. “Too old to go visit Egypt with you, and too old to come visit you.” That was – why was? IS – one of her heart’s desires ever since I’ve left home – to come visit me here in ‘Aamerica’, and it pains to see a common fever, headache, and sore feet extract such a statement.

Such a statement, from someone who we’ve never known to give up, never known to say, “it’s beyond me”. This is the lady who went traveling to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand,  with only a friend who was older than she is – and that too with a crippling leg condition. This is the same lady who went traveling to Andaman, by sea and by air, at an age and physical condition when most would be content sitting at home watching family soaps. (We actually joke with her that she has more bones broken in her body than are intact – and it’s almost only a half-joke).

“We’ll see”, I tell her. “I’ll see if you don’t run circles around your neighbourhood the moment your feet are better”, I say, to a chuckle and a promise otherwise from her. “And you not making it to visit me? We’ll see about that.”

I hope we can see about that.

Love you, Grandma. And hang in there, you’ll be your own self soon enough.

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