Of MS Windows (yet again)

Is there anything that Windows cannot make a mess of?

My phone is a PDA that runs MS Windows Mobile as its OS. After running – well, not smoothly, but at least steadily, for the best part of two years, it started acting up a few days ago. The phone would suddenly crash, would not respond to button presses, would not respond to touches on its touchscreen – all or some of these happen, some of the time. Sometimes it wouldn’t even make a call without having to reboot the phone.

Well, first I thought it’s been two years of running Windows, maybe the OS has just got buggy over time. I’d been provided with an upgrade to Windows Mobile that I had never used, so I used this situation to upgrade the OS.

It didn’t help. Same things still go on, and now even some of the applications fail to boot up.

So today I went up to the AT&T shop nearby to ask them what I could do about it. The guy heard me patiently, then said ‘Well, that’s just Windows Mobile for you. It just crashes! We have to reboot all our phones every day too… not much you can do about it!’

And yet most PDAs today are Windows Mobile based. Why is that? Google launched a new OS, but only with one service provider.

Blackberry has the one decent PDA that has its own OS.

One thing’s for sure. When I get a new phone (it may turn out to be soon) I’m not returning to Windows. Throwing Windows out of my computing life was a great decision, now it’s time to do the same to my cellular side.

PS: I wonder if it’s a memory issue. If the PDA’s memory is going bad, then the slow responses, the applications not booting up – at least some of the symptoms would be explained. But not all of them. Sigh.

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