Looney Tunes – about CO2 emissions

Remember my last post about Reason vs. Faith?

Well, watch this video where the idea is put forward that reducing CO2 emissions will take away ‘plant food’ and in fact harm the Earth. Looney? Well, this is a House Subcommittee on Energy and Environment hearing.

Yes, these are the guys who have a say in US energy policies.

OK, watched that video? Surprised by the last sentence about the world not ending in a flood? Watch this, you’ll know.

Remember what I was saying about reason and belief?

4 thoughts on “Looney Tunes – about CO2 emissions

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  2. Just crazy… Global warming not going to happen, it was overruled by God? Okay I don’t believe in God, but even if I were… This is just crazy.
    And about “taking away plant food”. Back then there were much more plants, so much more photosythesis. Stop chopping down the forests and start planting all kinds of plants and he could be right. But probably not.

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