Quiet Cars, Fast Cars, Fast Drivers…

Came across this news item:

People drive faster in quieter cars.

The essence of it is the fact that the quieter and smoother a ride is, the less able the driver is to gauge the speed at which he is driving, without looking at the speedometer. Hence larger the chance of speeding.

One sentence struck me. Talking about how he got the idea for his research, and about his own great car, says Mark Horswill of the University of Queensland:

“It was the poshest car we ever had. […] We found that we were accidentally going way over the speed limit very very fast, but inside the car it was so nice you barely had any sensation of movement at all.”

Well, me and some friends went out of state once to Kentucky, in a rented car. Which was almost brand new. Which was in a different league to what we were driving around town in.

You have no idea how well I can identify with what Horswill says.

One thought on “Quiet Cars, Fast Cars, Fast Drivers…

  1. So which post were you mentioning would appeal to me? Actually both (quiet car and silent listener) appealed to me…

    Btw, both posts are about being quiet… 😛

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