The Future…

… is here. In the form of flying cars!!

A firm is ready to deliver, in 2010, what they term ‘roadable aircraft’. So you have a car with wings, that can be folded up. You drive to the runway, extend your wings, and fly off!! A tank of regular unleaded gas gives you 500 miles of air time.

That’s not bad at all, now, is it?!

What remains, of course, is deregulating airspace and setting up ‘air-rules’, just like the present day ‘road-rules’. The idea would be to exclude the FAA or equivalent regulating bodies from regulating on personal travel, and rather have a universal set of rules that can allow unregulated air traffic.

One idea might be to install proximity sensors like those on commercial aircraft, that warn the pilot if the craft gets too close to another solid object, and introduce the concept of air lanes, in terms of varying altitudes, for craft to fly around.

It shouldn’t be too tough to implement, should it?

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