Courage and Patriotism, the MNS Way…

Came across this news item today.

Two parts to the story.


The owner of Karachi Sweets in Mulund has received a one-page note, written on MNS letterhead by local activist Rajendra Deshmukh, asking him to change the name of the shop or face the consequences.

The letter, a copy of which was shown to TOI, says, “We want to disassociate ourselves from anything related to Pakistan. Using Karachi name on an Indian signboard is inappropriate. We demand that the name of the shop be changed and the board removed. If you do not comply within 10 days, we (the MNS) will agitate.”

That’s what you call courage and being upright, no? Changing a signboard, and a brandname? Even though the owner is (now) from your own society, and contributing to it? Aren’t you guys ashamed of yourselves?

Let me remember, now… what were you saying and/or doing when Mumbai, your hometown, your pride, was under attack? Oh, that’s right: you were busy being silent, overawed, and staying away from the limelight. Was that because being in the limelight would have called for some responsible action? Or was it because you were afraid you’d be called terrorists of the home grown variety to your face?


The local police were informed but, instead of assuring protection, officials said it would be “better” if the shop changed its name and avoided any confrontation with MNS activists.

… However, the police have a different view. “We suggested that the owner should rename his shop as Mumbai Sweet House,” a Mulund police station officer said. “That will attract more customers to the shop.” Another similarly helpful suggestion came from the policemen who met the owner; they asked him to apply to the BMC’s shops and establishments department for a change of name on a priority basis.

… “We just asked him to take precautions. There is a major MNS rally in Thane on Saturday and activists are likely to pass by the shop. There may be some stone-pelting,” [says Inspector Subhash Kshirsagar].

Aren’t you guys ashamed of yourselves? And you call yourselves officers of the Law? (Or, don’t you even call yourselves that?) Raj Thackery is not even in power, for goodness’ sake!! There may be some stone pelting? What are you, weather-forecasters??

Also, the following:

MNS leader Shishir Shinde insists that the owner should change the shop’s name. “If big industrialists can change logos of their companies, why can’t this shop change its name? It will hurt Maharashtrian and Indian sentiments if the owner refuses to do so. Why stick to the old Pakistani name?”

Yeah, right.

On a related note (about being vainly patriotic) check this gem of a post from the Great Bong, and especially read about and watch the clip of Anu Kapoor.

(ToI link via this post from India Uncut.)

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