Conflicting ideas

This article I read quite a while back. I was outraged at the idea, for a number of reasons, decided I wanted to write about it, and how it wasn’t the right thing to do, and wanted to wonder how and why someone from an IIM – that gives the person’s views some prestige, doesn’t it? – would put forward such an article.

Well, I never really got down to it, and now the work has been done for me. Well, at least the first part about the whys and hows of the idea being a bad one. Here: go read. It’s an excellent post on why India should really refrain from having military strikes in Pakistan.

More, while discussing the situation, the author appreciates the role that the PM, Dr Manmohan Singh, and the Foreign Minister, Mr Pranab Mukherjee have played. In particular, he writes about the PM:

I’m glad the current administration is low on posturing and high on procedure. That’s what you get when policy wonks are in charge rather than poets. No charisma at all, little to appeal to the media or the public at large, but in the end more effective in making India’s case to the world. I can’t bear to watch Manmohan Singh speak for more than two minutes, but there’s no man I would rather have at India’s helm during the current global financial crisis.

Contrast the above with the following, from this blog post:

It would be good if Shourie were the PM. The man is smart, courageous, ethical, and has the national interest at heart. Which is more than you can say about Shri Manmohan Singh. I wish India had good political leadership but if wishes were horses . . .

My idea has more or less been that Dr Singh has more positives than negatives as PM. Of course, there’s a lot that I don’t know, but what has Dr Singh done (or not done) to deserve the above comment?

Someone, please enlighten me.

3 thoughts on “Conflicting ideas

  1. The first article you’ve linked is unbelievingly stupid (pardon the brashness).. the second one.. well, the author seems a lil dis-illusioned but at least is sensible about it.

    And about Manmohan Singh, its hard to imagine one person doing anything for a country. Its always many people, committees, opinions that go into a decision. At least I hope thats how they do it.

  2. Yes, true on all counts.

    And yet, the head of an administration does wield a huge amount of power, and to have someone proper does make a big difference.

    (Well, the opposite extreme scenario is something portrayed in serials such as ‘Yes Minister’, or in PG Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster, where the person in charge doesn’t know how to wield his power in an appropriate way).

  3. The first article doesn’t mention outright military strikes in Pakistan. Breaking it up into different parts can be more effectively done by covert methods, like fueling the separatists movements which are growing strong everyday in Pak. Once Taliban is deemed as a strong enough force, it will be a matter of time before US takes over and destroy the nuclear arsenal, Inshallah. Pak will be divided into 3-4 smaller easier to govern states, similar in size to most middle east nations and then victory will be ours Inshallah.

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