Scott Adams, the Dilbert creator, defines the criteria for calling someone a friend, the criteria being:

1. Someone you have told a secret.

2. Someone who has accepted a favor from you.

Fair enough.

But, he also ends the post with:

So if you find a candidate for a friend with whom you have some chemistry and common interests, work on the secret and the favor.

Here, I don’t agree. I don’t think making a friend should be something that you should have to work towards, in a conscious way, as having a target.

Some things should come about naturally, subconsciously, no?

3 thoughts on “Friends?

  1. Some one recently told me that Best friendships are formed where there is a right among of similiarity and differences.
    I thought that made sense. Similiarity enough to be friends and different enough to learn from each other.

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