The latest Stonehenge Theory

Well, there’s one more theory being thrown into the hat, of possible use and symbolism of the Stonehenge [1,2].

It seems it might have been used as a musical arena, with Trance type music and energetic dance. At least, that’s what the acoustic properties of the Stonehenge suggest.

Earlier theories include a place for  burial [1], and a ‘healing ground’ [2], both of which are rituals which would also incorporate music of some kind.

I find it amazing that people had this level of sophistication in their technology, even in those times. If we are spending the amount of time, energy, resources, and technology that we are, simply to find possible uses of an arena, and discovering new acoustic properties, of all uses, well that says something, doesn’t it?

I am sure Erich von Daniken[1,2] would have been mightly impressed, and interested.

4 thoughts on “The latest Stonehenge Theory

  1. I think the question should more be: Are you sure it was based on chance?

    We’re assuming that they did not have the technology – but based on what? Should that assumption not be based on what they did achieve? If it’s proved that they had acoustic technology, then they had acoustic technology!

  2. Maybe that was the least impossible of all their ideas?

    Of course the basic premise is that it was in fact meant for something, and wasn’t just a playground which happened to have great acoustic properties with the stones placed at just the right spots at just the right radius…

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