‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

I just finished reading this wonderful novel by Lee Harper. What a wonderful tale!! Every character is different, and strong in their own right. The best among them is of course Atticus Finch – the upright, conscientious, logical, calm father who knows exactly how best to deal with any and every situation. Lessons in life there, lessons in how to live your own life and on how to treat others, and your children.

Even while being amazed at Atticus Finch, though, I realized I’d already seen these very characteristics, these very high ideals: and even before I read this book, these were already the ideals I’d want to be able to live by.

I’ve been witness to just someone as Mr Finch, very close at hand. If I were Jeremy Finch, the son, I have had my very own Atticus: my dad.

2 thoughts on “‘To Kill A Mockingbird’

  1. This book is one of the best i’ve read.
    Atticus was you’re favourite character? Hmm.. calm and sensible alright. I’d rather live my life on scout’s ideals though :).

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