Blind Terror? Or hidden strategy?

Some excerpts from recent newspaper reports:

From Incursion, Masood: Pak keeps flipping,

With India virtually taking the military option off the table, Pakistan on Thursday cast off the posture of reasonableness it had been forced to adopt because of the all-round pressure over the Mumbai terror attacks.

The return to defiance coincided with India ruling out the military option. In fact, the UPA government has gone out of its way to assure Pakistan that it does not intend to take military action, with Indian high commissioner Satyabrata Pal in Islamabad reassuring Awami National Party chief Afsandyar Wali Khan on Wednesday that India was not considering military action.

But even as the government was seething with resentment against Pakistan’s bellicosity, the sense that the Mumbai attacks may have turned out to be a cost-free exercise for Pakistan was on the rise.

From India may still strike at Pakistan: US report,

India may have ruled out the military option against Pakistan in the aftermath of Mumbai terror attacks but the international intelligence community continues to believe that strikes in PoK and elsewhere could still happen.

Global intelligence service Stratfor, in its latest report, said, “Indian military operations against targets in Pakistan have in fact been prepared and await the signal to go forward.”

“Sources have indicated to Stratfor that New Delhi is going through the diplomatic motions in order to give Pakistan the opportunity to take care of the militant problem itself — but the Indians know that Islamabad has neither the will nor the capability to address their concerns,” Stratfor said.

Almost every member of the international community also believes that the next attack in India would see the gloves come off.

From Terror squad may have sneaked into Bengal,

… specific intelligence inputs that an eight-man hit team, including HuJI terrorists from Pakistan and KLO militants, has sneaked into the state through the Bangladesh border.

This ties up with intelligence inputs soon after the Mumbai terror strike that HuJI-KLO teams might have entered Bengal armed with RDX. Intelligence sources have revealed that a group of over 30 HuJI and KLO members had entered Bengal through three different locations — one crossed the North Bengal border while two others entered from south Bengal.

These groups are “consistently” planning attacks in Kolkata and another location in south Bengal, and even in Siliguri and New Jalpaiguri, say sources.

Makes you wonder. Are these terror strikes done with the sole intention of, well, terror? Or is there more goings on behind the scene than meets the eye?

If the terror outfits are directly state sponsored by Pakistan, then it seems that it is more harm than good for Pakistan in multiple attacks on India. If they are indirectly sponsored (by the military, for example) what motive does this give to the Pakistan Army? They are itching for some action and want to encourage war? A war would increase their power and budgets? What?

And if they are not state-sponsored acts in any way, then once again the motives come to the fore. These groups are more or less in a safe haven in Pakistan; why would they jeopardize their own standing by encouraging military acts from India and (already) from the US? Does it serve their purpose to have war between the arch-enemy neighbours? Arms sales, perhaps? More opportunity to influence people to join their ranks? What?

It is intriguing to think that these outfits would not read the news and take account of what is happening. Isn’t it much easier to believe that they want to direct the political setting in the region for their own benefit?

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