Mumbai: Terror, resilience and concerns… (updated)

Mumbai is under attack – again. More people killed, more destruction, more gore and blood. How much longer must this go on? I know, there are no answers, and fewer directions to move to solve the problem – but the questions remain, don’t they?

Meanwhile I hear Mumbai is at least in part back on its feet, with people moving about and trying their best to get back to work. This is something that amazes me every time that Mumbai is hit – the ability of its people to be incredibly resilient and infallible. I hope we as a people and as a Nation can be as strong, as resilient, as infallible.

I also hear that the Army was promptly brought in, in part, because the Mumbai police could not be trusted to do their best. Why? Because the Mumbai Underworld has strongholds even within Mumbai police. Is this true? I heard it, but I don’t really want to believe it. Please tell me it was simply the scale of the situation that brought the Army in!!

Condolences, meanwhile, are due to the families of those dead – civilians on the street, guests at the hotels, and members of the Mumbai police.


And the media pundits have begun their act. I was watching the live feed from NDTV, and on came an ex-IPS officer YP Singh. At a time when there is no information at all about the origin of the attackers, their backgrounds and allegiances, YP forcefully suggested that they were either from ‘across the border’, or were trained abroad. I am paraphrasing, but his dialogue went something like this: “This is a highly trained group, and such kind of training is simply not possible in India. Ergo, they are from abroad or were trained abroad. Also they were either from Al-Qaeda or trained by Al-Qaeda!”

Why exactly must the training have been abroad? Do you suggest that India cannot have the capability to have such high quality training? I am sure that is not your point. Then your idea must be that it is not possible to run a training camp without the police / government knowing. I am shocked, really, at this scale of naivete, and this tendency to be completely blind to the idea of being realistic. In as large a country as India, it cannot be impossible to have people trained without leaking information. An ex-IPS officer of all people should know better, and should also know to not attach blame to anyone without having any information, don’t you think?? And here he is, being a media pundit.

Meanwhile, the so-called Deccan Mujahideen, apparently from Hyderabad / Andhra Pradesh were heard to be speaking Punjabi with each other, and initial indications are that they are from Pakistan. Heh. Talk about spreading misinformation!

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