Farewell, Sourav Ganguly

I had imagined that I would write a post in tribute to Sourav Ganguly, a sportsman and a public figure that I have admired for a long time, perhaps more since the time he took over the captaincy. He’s been a good sportsman; he has been an exemplary statesman; and he has been a huge inspiration, not just on the cricket field, but off and away from it too.

He’s shown how to fight, he’s shown how to believe in oneself, he’s shown that it’s not over till the last ball is bowled. He started off with a good natural game, and a sense of timing on his shots, and then he’s honed his skills, with only, and nothing but, hard work and perseverance, and brought his game up to very close to being great. He’s shown that if you want something hard enough, and are prepared to go the distance, it’s probably not impossible.

But most of all, he’s taught us to dream – to dream big, and yet be real in those dreams, to believe in your own ability, and yet be realistic in self appraisal, and to have a big heart, and be ready to fight – fight to the finish, fight, till the last ball is bowled. Yes, I think fighter is a word that describes the man well.

I will miss Sourav Ganguly the batsman, those silken shots and lazy elegance, and the apparent time that he always had to play his shots. But I will miss more the inspirational figure, the one that taught me to believe, to dream, to back myself and trust my abilities, no matter what.

That’s it. It’s over. An era comes to an end.

Adieu, Sourav Ganguly, and good luck in life after International Cricket.


1. I am not sad, mind you, with the fact that he is leaving. He had to leave at some point anyway, and if so, what better way to leave? At the top of one’s game, in the back of a wonderful two years of International Cricket, against the World Champions and his favorite opponents, with a series win. As always, he couldn’t have scripted it better if he had written it himself. Yes, even after the missed hundred and the golden duck in his last Test.

2. After some attempts at writing this post, I had finally decided I wouldn’t actually write this tribute, because apparently I couldn’t find the words. Some things, I told myself, are beyond words. This post was meant to be a short farewell post, which explains the first sentence of this post. This is more than the short post that I had planned, and yet, it’s true. Some things, some people, and some emotions, are beyond words and a blog post.

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