On Sourav Ganguly’s ‘Interview’

A recent interview has appeared in the Bengali local ‘Aaj Kal’, where Sourav has been attributed with some decidedly caustic comments. As expected, a furor has followed, and today, this is what I found:

… Ganguly rubbished the interview saying he hadn’t made the comments that were printed in the paper. “Why would I say such things?” It’s all rubbish,” he told The Indian Express by phone from Bangalore. “I don’t understand how such stories get printed. I want to make it clear that I did not make the remarks that have been attributed to me.”

Also, this, in the same report:

Vengsarkar told PTI: “I won’t answer him now as this is not the right time because India are in the middle of a Test series and it might affect the focus of the team. But I will definitely answer him after the series is over. He will get more than what he has asked for.”

Two comments, I have:

1. I don’t think Sourav did that interview. Reasons:

a) Aaj Kal is not Sourav’s preferred media outlet; he has a much more cordial relationship with Goutam Bhattacharya, the Sports Editor at Ananda Bazar Patrika. It’s usually Ananda Bazar that comes out with nifty (and true) details about Sourav.

b) Sourav has not been his old impetuous self for quite some time now. He’s been much more mellow, and wary of aggressive comments, and this outburst is now very, very uncharacteristic.

2. Mr Vengsarkar, if you really think making comments in the middle of a series is not the best idea, should you not have reserved your own comments at this point? Worse than making a comment is the threat of dire consequences, which you have effectively done here, assuming of course that those comments were actually yours.

I wonder: When was the last time Sourav went into a series without controversy, cricketing or otherwise, hanging over his head? He’s still done well – in fact better than ‘well’, and that’s a credit to the man.

More on Sourav to follow.

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