Compromise, Sourav?

Sourav Ganguly has announced his retirement, saying the upcoming Test series will be his last. While this marks the end of a chapter in Indian Cricket, and I am sure I will write more on this, other thoughts come to mind too.

Amid all the speculation of a compromise between BCCI and senior cricketers, of a ‘Voluntary Retirement’ scheme that Anil Kumble pooh-poohed, comes, out of the blue, this announcement. More, Kris Srikkanth adds that Ganguly has made the ‘right decision’. “Right” decision? – interesting choice of words there.

Sourav, we’ve never known you to make a compromise, to offer anything but your best effort, to do anything but look a challenge in the eye and face it head-on.

Sourav, before I go into farewell blog posts, tell me something. Did you just disappoint us, right at the very end? Did you, Sourav Ganguly, make a compromise?

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