ICL, Bangladesh cricket, and its players

Bangladesh cricket is in turmoil. To give a little background, 13 present and former Bangladesh players have joined the ‘alternate’ ICL 20-20 cricket league that is not recognized by ICC. Said players have expressed dissatisfaction with the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). BCB has expressed dissatisfaction with the players. BCB has banned said players from playing for Bangladesh for 10 years.

As this story unfolded, some interesting comments popped up (all quotes via the trusted Cricinfo).

In Bangladesh bans ICL recruits for 10 years, Ahmad Sajjadul Alam, a BCB Executive member, says:

“… we have received some kind of an assurance from IPL officials that they would look at recruiting more of our players so that they don’t feel left out financially. We are also in touch with other cricketing boards on how they can help us.”

So the money factor is important, right? Read on:

… allegations from some of the ICL recruits that they were mistreated by the BCB were “ridiculous” and [Alam] added, “These players should be honest and admit openly they did this just for the money. That’s the main reason. Why can’t they be forthright about it? These players have let down their country and its people and opted to join a commercial venture which will benefit a group of individuals and nobody else…”

Well, by your own logic, how exactly is it wrong for these players to seek extra employment? The ICL contracts allow the players to put country above league, so it’s not that BCB would be aggrieved in any way!!

Bashar reiterated the ICL stance – players contracted are free to turn out for their country . “ICL never asked us to stop playing for our country,” he said as the ICL launched their second season. “That is the main reason we joined the ICL. Perhaps people back home haven’t understood properly.”

On receiving retirement letters from six current national players, the BCB invited them to meet and discuss the situation. Here’s what happened:

… the six players who retired on Sunday failed to appear at its headquarters as requested to discuss the situation.

The BCB had asked the six to meet with officials on Monday, but the Daily Star reported that none of them turned up. Former captain Habibul Bashar and wicketkeeper Dhiman Ghosh were believed to have left the country for India, while the exact whereabouts of the other four were not known.

The board claimed to have tried to contact them, but it emerged that they had only sent them text messages. “SMS is not a proper way to communicate with somebody,” Shahriar Nafees, another of the six, told the newspaper. “Any board official is yet to give me a call and only a board employee rang me yesterday [Sunday]. I will only think about attending the meeting if the invitation comes in a proper way.”

Hm. So, first, the players don’t really feel like meeting BCB, and have convinced themselves that they won’t be playing for Bangladesh again. Second, a national cricket board invites disgruntled national players through sms’s?? Wow.

Anyway, the BCB finally took the decision to ban the said players for 10 years. No big deal, right, considering that the players had decided to retire anyway?

“It is really unexpected. The ten-year suspension is too harsh. I can’t believe it,” he [Bashar] told the Dhaka-based Daily Star. “Hopefully we [the ‘rebels’] will meet tomorrow to decide our next course of action. We may try to meet with the board officials to explain everything.”

So now you want to meet the Board?

If this is the status of things, is it a surprise that Bangladesh Cricket is in a mess?

One thought on “ICL, Bangladesh cricket, and its players

  1. it is better thing to joining ICL tournament.
    i thing it is milestone to creates professional cricket players in Bangladesh. i wish every good pray for ICL BD.

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