The things that one comes across!!

I chanced upon this interview today, of Mr Raj Thakeray (link via this post from the India Uncut blog). Being a wee bit politically challenged, I don’t know much about who exactly this person is, and what his role in Indian and/or Maharashtrian politics is, but this is… well, I am fumbling for words here – go read, you’ll know!


Interviewer: Your workers targeted Shiv Sena leader Manohar Joshi’s technical institute in spite of the High Court order asking you not to indulge in violence.
Raj Thakeray: I read the order only a day later. It’s not that I disrespect the law. Joshi runs many institutes across the state, and if I had wanted, we could have created problems at most of them.

Interviewer: You had a problem with signboards not being in Marathi and now you also have a problem with the typography.
RT: If you read the guidelines, it says that shopkeepers should have signboards in Marathi. The law has to be complied with.

Hm. Being violent, and ‘creating problems’, are within the law, then, until a court says it isn’t?!

Interviewer: You are stopping citizens of the same country from earning their livelihood from wherever they want to.
RT: Do they allow our people to come and earn in their state? They have rules that only when people from their state have occupied posts then others will be allowed to. Why should I let others come and flourish at our expense?

Interviewer: You have asked for reservation in all sectors. How will people from other states work here and help the economy? Ratan Tata has been invited by Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh to set up the Nano plant. Would that be acceptable to you?
RT: Yes, why not? He should come and help the state prosper.

Interviewer: Ratan Tata is a non-Maharashtrian who has contributed so much to the state.
RT: I am not against everyone — not even North Indians — I am only against those who come from UP and Bihar with an agenda. Why do these people come here and give exams for the seats in railways which should be alloted to the locals first?

Interviewer: But should it not be competitive as in any other sector? Let whoever is better get the seat.
RT: Better!! Better than Maharashtrians! I don’t want to continue with this interview. (leaves the room).

Wow. No comments.

P.S.: Contrast this with this report (again, link via this post from the India Uncut blog) of Mr Amitabh Bacchan apologising for his family having allegedly hurt Marathi sentiments – or, rather RT’s sentiments, perhaps? RT is someone with a lot of sentiments, isn’t he!

Hm. I wonder if he is the only one allowed to have sentiments in India.

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