‘Under Development’ revisited

Remember this post, about the project called ‘Under Development’?

Well, I did manage to be at the exhibition after all… and I loved it! The story it wanted to tell was told brilliantly, the photos were meaningful, were for the most part good photos in their own right, and said a lot of things (all through the photos) that do not manage to see the light of printing presses.

Well done, Citizens’ Initiative!

I also learnt about some other initiatives that they are undertaking, but perhaps they will be better placed to discuss them at length. I will congratulate them, though, for their effort at making a difference.

5 thoughts on “‘Under Development’ revisited

  1. Thank you, thank you, once again. 🙂 this is overwhelming that you remembered the exhibition after months.

    for those interested to know more or interested in being involved (in any way possibly, however tiny) can write to us at citizensinitiativecal@gmail.com

    Ps: arnabda, wtf is your post automatically generating links to great pregnant photos, great however they may be?

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