Learning the Guitar (again)

Well, I’d started learning the guitar at some point, but stopped midway (well, not exactly midway, as I stopped barely a year and a half after I’d started) – for two reasons… well, two major ones, at least.

One, I didn’t find enough time to practice all the chords that my instructor asked me to learn. As with everything else, it’s pretty simple to learn the guitar: just practice, practice, practice. And I was putting in a lot of time at the JU Photography Club (well, in some instances, even more time than I could afford), so the ‘fall guy’ so to say was the guitar, ‘coz, well, there was nothing else to ‘fall’.

Two, I got really frustrated at the amount of information that I was expected to remember, and the amount of information that apparently had not much ‘logic’ at all! I did not know if there was any basis in ‘defining’ the major scales, I did not know how chords ‘progressed’… heck, I did not know much at all, and I had no apparent way to find out the logic behind it.

Anyhow, time has passed, and I’ve satisfied myself with occasionally (mostly on others’ guitars, now that I’m away from home and hence away from my guitar) trying to play with unpracticed fingers the odd tunes I’d learnt as a novice.

Finally, over the past few days, I decided to give the guitar another shot – this time on my own. To my help came the usual saviour – Google, and I’ve managed to find a nifty website (www.freeguitarcourse.com – do check it out if you’re a guitar enthusiast) that has my interest back on the guitar again. Finally, it seems there’s all the logic in the world in the apparent mayhem that I had found earlier!! So all’s well in the world again, and once again I can get back to playing some tunes and chords.

All I need to do now is get my hands on a guitar. And find some definite slots of time to do some practicing.

Hm. Easier said than done?

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