‘Under Development’

If you are in Kolkata, or you plan to be there over the next week, may I bring to your attention a photography exhibition organised by a group that calls itself the ‘Citizens Initiative’. I am, of course, not involved with this venture in any way, but I have a friend who is, and this post is to honor a request to let more people know about the exhibition.

Here’s part of an email that I received about this:

“As some of you may be aware of, we, a bunch of students, researchers and teachers (mostly from JU) have been working with the people in Singur for the last 5 months. We call ourselves the Citizens’ Initiative. We have extensively documented through photographs the lives of the people in Singur and how it has been affected by the Tata Motors factory. To this end, we are organising a photo exhibition at Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre from 27th June to 2nd July.

Neither is the Citizens’ Initiative a commercial organisation nor are we doing anything for personal aesthetics/ pleasure (and all that, you know). The entire point of the photo exhibition is to make people aware of Singur and how development for some affects the rest. We want as many people to watch the photos and be aware of the situation as possible.

The photographers are Amrita Dhar, Insiya Poonawala and Joyraj Bhattacharya.”

Tell me how you liked the exhibition (I myself won’t be in Kolkata in time)!

Update: Please see the comments section for more details.

5 thoughts on “‘Under Development’

  1. Panel Discussion On the Representation of Displacement and Development
    27 June 2008
    4.30. pm


    Professor Samik Bandyopadhyay (Senior Film Critic and Scholar)

    Dr. Kavita Punjabi (Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University)

    Dr. Rajarshi Dasgupta (Fellow in Political Science, CSSSC)

    Dr. Paromita Chakravarti (Senior Lecturer, Department of English, Jadavpur University)


    Film Festival on Development and Displacement Issues
    28 & 29 June 2008
    11 am to 8 pm


    Photo Exhibition – A Documentation of Life in Singur
    27 June to 2 July 2008
    2pm to 8 pm


    Venue: Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre,
    36C, SP Mukherjee Road, Kolkata

    Do come, all, entry free.


    Thanks a ton, Arnab da! 🙂

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