Comment, Mr Lawson?

Mr Lawson, I should explain, is the current coach of the Pakistan cricket team.

He is also the gentleman who made a statement (here, see the quotes right at the end) to the press on the eve of the latest Ind-Pak clash to the effect that he was preparing his team so as to inflict a 150-run defeat on India.

Next day, India routed Pakistan by 140 runs.

Ironic? I’d say tragically funny – considering the fact that this gentleman spoke even before a game had been played, and he himself being a former cricketer should have known how unpredictable sport can be, however good a team is on paper. More, his Pakistan side have been on the rocks in the recent past, and he should have been under no illusion about the fact that Bangladesh and Zimbabwe (against whom Pakistan have recently been very one sided victors) are opposition of a different level than India, however much Bangladesh cricket has made strides over the recent past (yes, Bangladesh are far better than they were, but they need to be far better than they are).

Yes, tragically funny is what I’d call it.

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